is like

“Everyday is like sunday”; design and delicatessen united in a new concept; “designcatessen”

In EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY we want everyday to be like Sunday for you.

We wish there were at anytime a special moment to drink a toast, because the sun has risen, for your love, for a song... or just because you feel like doing it, without excuses.

We want everyday to be unique, so we elaborate and commercialize wines and products from different Appellations of Origin, from all over Spain. We search for the best and the most different of each place. To create unique and special products. Betting on both design and quality.

We like the idea that each day could be a holiday for you, to enjoy, to get excited and surprised, because it keeps us amused and inspires what we do.

That's why we look for the most genuine and distinguishing delights from each production area. Creating designs and one-of-a-kind products, different, creative, funny, and provocative...

Surprises do not end here.
Everyday is like Sunday.